"Life was never this much fun before I was dying"

A full-length feature documentary
about art, about the artist Jack Mays, and about surviving cancer.

Carrie Grant: producer, co-director:
Carrie Grant is a professional photographer and filmmaker who has lived on California's North Coast since 1978. For fourteen years, she co-owned the Eifert Gallery in Ferndale, which was across the street from Jack Mays' own gallery. A lifelong friendship followed.

Carrie's photographic commercial work has included projects for BBC TV and Discovery TV.

John Howarth: co-director, cameraman and editor:
John Howarth has a background in some of the finest internationally screened tv programmes. He traveled the world as a cameraman for the BBC for 25 years, where he worked on everything from gritty factual documentaries to music and drama features. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on “The Lost World” – a TV movie with dinosaurs. He now mainly works as a director/cameraman, often in the developing world for various non-government organisations.
John Howarth’s website
Carrie Grant and John Howarth previously collaborated on
“The Science of Plants” - a 6-episode series for Discovery Education,
for which they produced timelapse footage of growing plants.

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