"Life was never this much fun before I was dying"

A full-length feature documentary
about art, about the artist Jack Mays, and about surviving cancer.

In a small rural California town, Jack Mays sits in a white plastic chair on Main Street for fifteen years - seven days a week, twelve hours a day - drawing. Sometimes he sits for two years in one spot, drawing every detail.

Jack has become a familiar figure in Ferndale, a quaint Victorian town in Northern California. He works constantly, producing a unique interpretation of small-town life, creating a body of work comprising over 400 drawings. Then Jack is diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and given three months to live.

Townspeople organize a living wake, and four years later he has outlived his death sentence; after surviving against the odds, he has become something of a health guru to the rest of the community.

Jack has never placed any value on his work and has always refused to show or sell it. What he does value is his community, and his connection to it through his art.

When it becomes clear that other cancer victims may survive with his help, he finds a purpose to his art that he could never have imagined - "I'm not drawing for myself. The drawings are for the community."

Jack Mays is showing us his way of achieving that most elusive of goals - how to live a happy life.

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